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Credit to Anne Elisabeth Stengl for creating
this amazing cover concept!

Every Midsummer’s Eve a maiden is summoned to the mysterious Castle Lamir hidden upon a shadowy mountain. The girl is never heard from again. No one asks questions or tries to dissuade the village elders from sending another maiden into the unknown, for all fear crossing the will of the infamous Lord of Lamir.

 Desperate to prove her worth when the elders read her name from the summons, plain Estelle—the village outcast—ventures into the wild mountains only to discover that the enchanted Castle Lamir holds dark secrets. Caught between the warring wills of the Voice that hides in the shadows and the sorceress that dwells beneath the castle, Estelle becomes entangled in the search for an ancient and powerful legend. The Essence of Beauty may prove the key to achieving her heart’s greatest desire, but there are others who would use her and the Essence for their own ends.

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Fairest Born 
There is always an heir. But like the phoenix, only one of the Daughters of Helen live at one time. Some call it a blessing but others know it as a curse. The Fairest Born. A YA retelling of Snow White. 

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A YA fantasy retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Newly knighted Tarin is chosen for crusade to liberate a neighboring kingdom from a nightly plague of monsters. But when tragedy strikes, Tarin must abandon his friends and seek out the Dreammaker before all dreams come true. Will he find his way or will he be lost in the Phantasy?

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