Thursday, December 10, 2015

God is Good

If you're anything like me, your social media feed is filled with good news. Whenever I open my Facebook or Instagram I am met with the beaming faces of another happy couple, another snapshot of adventures in far-off lands, another success or happy memory. And smiles. Lots and lots of smiles.

Many times the happy announcements are accompanied with a comment about how God has blessed the individual or about how good God is.

To be honest, these posts are not always easy to see.

Please, don't think I'm asking for the joyous announcements to stop. On the contrary, I love to celebrate the victories and the happy times. And we should celebrate. Please go on sharing with friends far and near the joys and triumphs of your life. (I've done it myself.) Let us join together in praising the Lord for what He has written in your story. Because they are blessings from God!

But gifts don't always come with neat bows and shiny paper. Sometimes they come with stains. 

When we're unable to identify with the place of joy we need to know that these are not the only stories. 

I haven't had the best of semesters. In fact, the last two years have carried disappointment after disappointment. I've watched long-held dreams slip out of my reach. I've stood by as people I love have struggled with depression, with disease, with disappointments, with death. Right now, I'm stuck in a place of confusion. Paths that I thought ran straight and clear before me have suddenly disappeared in a tangle of plot twists.

As much as I genuinely enjoy joining the celebration, a slithering, slimy fear worms its way through my insecurities.

"If God is good to these people and He shows His favor and blessing by giving these gifts, why doesn't He give them to me?" It's a lie. A filthy, powerful lie.

We must destroy the lie with the truth.

When you're lonely and wondering if anyone will love you. God is good.

When your body betrays you, and the muscles don't work or the cells don't reproduce the way they should. God is good.

When the application to your dream job (or any job, for that matter) is rejected. God is good.

When the numbers don't match, and the bills keep coming. God is good.

When you meet with failure everywhere you turn. God is good.

When life is slipping through your fingers like sand no matter how you try to cup your hands. God is good.

When you lay in bed begging God for answers or don't feel like talking to Him at all. God is good.

Just as good as the day you marry the love of your life, discover the calling for your days, welcome a child into the world, buy a house, or get a promotion.

God's goodness is not based on circumstances. God is good. That's a verb of being. Goodness is a part of His divine nature. He cannot be anything but Himself.

He was good yesterday. He is good today. He will be good again tomorrow.

"'Cause what if your blessings come through rain drops
What if your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless night are what it takes to know You're near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise." 
- "Blessing" by Laura Story